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Stephanie Malin, PhD.


Assistant Professor Sociology

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-5414   Office: B234 Clark Building

Email:   Lab:


Fields of Expertise

1.) Anthropology, History, and Sociology
2.) Energy

Areas of Interest

 DevelopmentPolitical EconomySocial Movements


Stephanie is a sociologist of environment, globalization, and development, focusing on community-level outcomes of natural resource development. Her main insterests include environmental justice, environmental health, social activism, and political-economic contexts surrounding energy development, particularly in rural communities in the American West. She is particularly interested in justice issues as water and energy needs intersect. During her time as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University, Stephanie began the Natural Resource Research Group to facilitate collaborative research examining impacts of hydraulic fracturing and farmers' decisions to sign leases allowing natural gas drilling on their land. Stephanie's research into water, unconventional gas drilling's social and environmental justice impacts continues in Colorado, as does her research on uranium milling. Her forthcoming book Nuclear Justice explores how under-addressed legacies of uranium development intersect with current efforts to renew nuclear power in the age of climate change mitigation, specifically with the recent permitting of the Pinon Ridge Uranium Mill in southwestern Colorado. Her publications include: "There's No Real Choice but to Sign: Neoliberalization and Normalization of Hydraulic Fracturing on Pennsylvania Farmland" in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences; "Left in the Dust: Uranium's Legacy and the Victims of Mill Tailings Exposure in Monticello, Utah" in Society and Natural Resources, which examined uranium's environmental legacy on the Colorado Plateau; and "Community Development among Toxic Tailings: An Interactional Case Study of Community Health and Extralocal Institutions," which examines interactions between grassroots movements, public institutions, and public health. Stephanie's courses include Water, Society, and Environment; Environmental Justice; & Society and Environment.