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Denise Culver


Senior Ecologist Colorado Natural Heritage Program

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-2998   Office: NA

Email:   Lab:


Areas of Interest

 Ferns and unique wetlands plantsWetland educationWetland plants and ecosystems


Denise Culver has been an ecologist/botanist with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program since 1995. She has been working in the ecology/botany field since 1987. Since 2008, she has designed and conducted numerous plant identification workshops for US EPA, USDI BLM, USDA Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the Colorado Native Plant Society. Prior to working for CNHP she worked for the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database and the Montana Natural Heritage Program. She worked for the National Park Service in several parks and monuments as a resource management ranger for five years. She has a B.S. degree in Botany from University of Wyoming and a M.S. degree in Biological Sciences from Montana State University. She has been the project leader for over 27 Colorado county surveys for critical biological resources and is lead author for the Field Guide to Colorado’s Wetland Plants: Identification, Ecology and Conservation, Common Wetland Plants of Colorado’s Eastern Plains, Common Wetland Plants of Colorado’s Southern Rocky Mountains, and Common Wetland Plants of Colorado’s Western Slope, as well as the Colorado Wetland Mobile App.