Nutrients and Water Quality: Stakeholders and Experts Convening to Collaborate on Solutions

February 15-17, 2011
Hilton Salt Lake City Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

Nutrient Resource Library

Colorado Nutrient Coalition Draft Nutrient Criteria Concept Proposal - Lakes & Resevoirs and Rivers & Streams

Colorado Water Quality Forum

Coming Together for Clean Water: EPA's Strategy for Achieving Clean Water - Public Discussion Draft

Control of Lacustrine Phytoplankton by Nutrients: Erosion of the Phosphorus Pardigm

Ecologoical responses to nutrients in streams and rivers of the Colorado mountains and foothills

EPA Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Committee Report

EPA Nutrient Control Design Manual

Montana Department of Environmental Quality - Nutrient Work Group

Montana Department of Environmental Quality - Nutrient Criteria

Montana Department of Agriculture - Current and Past Groundwater Reports

Montana State University Extension - Crop and Fertilizer Management Practices to Minimize Nitrate

Montana State University - Nutrient Management Modules

North Dakota Department of Health

Nutrient Innovations Task Group Report

South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service - Better Management Practices for Improved Profitability and Water Quality

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources

USGS Circular 1350: The Quality of Our Nation’s Waters—Nutrients in the Nation's Streams and Groundwater

An Urgent Call to Action - Report of the State - EPA Nutrient Innovations Task Group

Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

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