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Dear Water Faculty,

In an effort to consolidate contact information regarding the CSU faculty and administration with expertise in water resources, the Colorado Water Institute would like to publish the CSU Water Faculty Prospectus. The details per individual biosketch will include: your photo, full name (and Ph.D. degree if obtained, otherwise no degree will be mentioned), employment position, department, brief bio summarizing highlights in the CV (also calling attention to any international work), research interests, office address, office (and lab) phone number(s) and email address.

In conjunction with CSU’s internationalization strategy and in effort to reinvigorate our long legacy in water resources research, the purpose of the Prospectus is to position ourselves at the axis of globalization and the escalating demand for solutions to global water challenges. The Prospectus aims to increase accessibility as well as highlight CSU water researchers, faculty, and administration both internally and beyond.

This site currently provides information on 206 Water Experts at Colorado State University.