GRAD592 - Colorado Water Institute


Fall 2014 theme:

Water, Climate, and Extreme Events

Mondays at 4:00PM
Engineering Room E104

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

The purpose of the 2014 Interdisciplinary Water Resources Seminar (GRAD592) is to examine how climate change and/or extreme hydrologic events will impact the major water sectors in Colorado - municipal water supply, agriculture, stormwater, wastewater, ecosystems and recreation. What are the vulnerabilities each sector faces and how can we enhance resiliency to flood, fire, drought, and hydrologic uncertainty. The course will consist of a series of guest lectures provided by Colorado water professionals. Specific course objectives include:

  1. Examine the physical mechanisms whereby the water sector is vulnerable to climate change and variability steps;
  2. Understand how climate vulnerability assessment and planning is occurring in Colorado;
  3. Discuss the intra and interstate issues related to climate and extreme events that increase the complexity of water supply planning in the 21st Century;
  4. Examine the various water use sectors including public water supply, stormwater, agricultural water, wastewater, ecosystems and recreation.
Students interested in taking the one-credit seminar should sign up for GRAD592, Water Resources Seminar, Section ID Number: 74006. The seminar will be held 4:00pm Monday afternoons in Room Engineering E104.(Students who have enrolled in GRAD592 in the past, may also enroll for this offering) For further information, contact Reagan Waskom at All interested faculty, students and off-campus water professionals are encouraged to attend and participate.

Fall 2014 Grading Policy / Attendance

For students taking the 2014 Interdisciplinary Water Resources Seminar (GRAD592), the course will be graded as pass/fail. To receive a passing grade, students will be asked to prepare responses to 8 of the lectures.


Expand/Collapse[] Brad Udall, Colorado Water Institute


Lecture Title: The Colorado River Structural Deficit: Why it Matters to Colorado

Expand/Collapse[2014-08-25] Organizational Meeting,

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Seminar Organizers

Expand/Collapse[2014-09-01] No Class,

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Labor Day

Expand/Collapse[2014-09-08] Scott Denning, CSU

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Understanding Climate Change and Extreme Events

Expand/Collapse[2014-09-15] Dennis Ojima, CSU, NREL

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Assessing Colorado's Vulnerability to Climate Change

Expand/Collapse[2014-09-22] Graeme Aggett, AMEC

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Planning for Extremes in Water Resources

Expand/Collapse[2014-09-29] Laurna Kaatz, Denver Water

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Municipal Water Planning for Climate Change

Expand/Collapse[2014-10-06] Taryn Finnessey, CWCB

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Drought Planning and Implementation

Expand/Collapse[2014-10-13] Iain Hyde, COEM

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Colorado's Approach to Emergency Management Management

Expand/Collapse[2014-10-20] Ken Mackenzie, Urban Drainage

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Stormwater Management during Extreme Events

Expand/Collapse[2014-10-27] Sean Cronin, SVLHWCD

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Flood Impacts on Infrastructure

Expand/Collapse[2014-11-03] Bill McCormick, DWR

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Dam Safety and the 2013 Flood

Expand/Collapse[2014-11-10] Eric Reckentine & Kevin Gertig, City of Greeley, City of Fort Collins

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Poudre Watershed Fire Impacts

Expand/Collapse[2014-11-17] Justin Derner, USDA-ARS

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Agriculture, Climate Change and Extreme Events

Expand/Collapse[2014-11-24] No Class,

Engineering E104

Lecture Title: Fall Break

Expand/Collapse[2014-12-01] Student Presentations,

Engineering E104

Lecture Title:

Expand/Collapse[2014-12-08] Student Presentations,

Engineering E104

Lecture Title:

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