Spring Water Seminar - Colorado Water Institute

Spring Water Seminar

Spring 2015

Mondays, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

All seminar talks take place in the Lory Student Center. Please check the specific talk for detailed room information.

All interested faculty, students and guests are encouraged to attend and participate.


Expand/Collapse[2015-01-26] Brad Udall, Colorado Water Institute

LSC 322

Lecture Title: The Colorado River Structural Deficit: Why it Matters to Colorado

Expand/Collapse[2015-02-02] Ashley Anderson, Department of Journalism and Technical Communication

LSC 322

Lecture Title: Floods, Communication, and Climate Change: Exploring the Role of Media Use and Interpersonal Discussion in Connecting Water-Related Extreme Weather Events to Perceptions about Climate Change

Expand/Collapse[2015-02-09] Sybil Sharvelle, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

LSC 322

Lecture Title: Evaluation of Urban Nutrient Loading and Recommendations for Cost Effective Treatment Technologies

Expand/Collapse[2015-02-16] Reagan Waskom, Colorado Water Institute

LSC 308-10

Lecture Title: State of the CSU Water Center & Faculty Listening Session

Expand/Collapse[2015-02-23] Tim Covino, Watershed Science Department of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability

LSC 322

Lecture Title: Loss of Catchment Retention: Interactions between Catchment Morphology, Residence Time, and Geochemical Processing Amidst a Changing Hydrologic Regime

Expand/Collapse[2015-03-02] Ed Hall, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

LSC 322

Lecture Title: Across the Aquatic-Terrestrial Interface: Understanding the Hyrdo-Bio-Geo-Chemistry of Extreme Events

Expand/Collapse[2015-03-09] Jessica Davis, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

LSC 322

Lecture Title: The Water-Nitrogen Tradeoff: Optimizing the Use of Water to Fix N and Reduce Agriculture's C Footprint

Expand/Collapse[2015-03-30] Ryan Bailey, Department of Civil Engineering

LSC 308-10

Lecture Title: Developing a Framework for Simulating the Fate and Transport of Salinity Species in the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Colorado

Expand/Collapse[2015-04-06] Jay Ham, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

LSC 322

Lecture Title: New Technology for Measuring Sap flow and Transpiration in Agricultural and Native Ecosystems

Expand/Collapse[2015-04-13] Stephanie Malin, Department of Sociology

LSC 322

Lecture Title: When Water Rights Ebb into Energy Development: Unconventional Oil & Gas Development and Changes to Water Allocation in Northern Colorado

Expand/Collapse[2015-04-20] Dana Winkelman, U.S. Geological Survey Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

LSC 322

Lecture Title: Rocky Mountain Streams Past and Present: the Influence of Forest Stand Age and Wood Deposition on Trout and Insect Biomas

Expand/Collapse[2015-04-27] Yan Vivian Li and William Sanford, Department of Design and Merchandising and Department of Geosciences

LSC 322

Lecture Title: How Carbongenic Nanoparticles (Cnps) Move Through Various Types of Porous Media Under Conditions that Replicate the Natural Environment

Expand/Collapse[2015-05-04] Stacy Lynn, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

LSC 312

Lecture Title: From Water Scarce to Water Source: The Governance of New Water in the Kenyan Drylands

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